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Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development Minister Charles Milupi has assured the nation that implementation of public infrastructure projects will not be left to foreigners alone.

The Minister says, under the new dawn administration, Zambian citizens will be given opportunity to take active part in all public infrastructure projects at all levels.

He said his Ministry will Zambian citizens are given chance to be contractors, consultants, workers and suppliers of goods and construction materials.

Hon. Milupi has stressed that his Ministry will ensure that this is done without fail.

The Minister was speaking in Parliament in support of the speech by President Hakainde Hichilema at the official opening of the First Session of the Thirteenth National Assembly.

Hon. Milupi also reiterated that the UPND Administration through his Ministry will not entertain overpriced infrastructure projects.

“Madam Speaker; the days of grossly overpriced infrastructure projects have gone with the PF administration. The new dawn government will ensure that infrastructure projects undertaken by foreign or local contractors are of specified quality, at the right cost and delivered on time as directed by the President.” Hon Milupi said.

He added that, in line with President HICHILEMA’s vision, the new dawn administration will address past inequalities between rural and urban areas, as well as between regions in terms of access to critical infrastructure like schools and health facilities.

And Hon. Milupi pointed out that his Ministry will undertake practical steps to ensure environmental protection by ensuring that climate resilient infrastructure is developed.

He told parliament that the environment is God given heritage which must be harnessed sustainably to create opportunities for the people

“Madam Speaker, the President has prioritised environmental protection, and this must be commended by all Zambians. My Ministry will support the President’s agenda by ensuring that climate resilient infrastructure is developed and that infrastructure development takes into consideration environmental protection and sustainability.” Hon Milupi said. MIHUD/PRU.

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