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Human Resources and Administration

Department of Human Resources and Administration

The department is responsible for managing and developing human resources and providing administrative, financial and logistical support services in order to facilitate efficient and effective operations in the Ministry. It has the following functions: –

  • Interpret and disseminate Conditions of Service
  • Staff Welfare programs including the coordination of HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness
  • Coordinate the institutionalisation of the Performance Management
  • Staff development and discipline
  • Records Management
  • Secretarial Services
  • Establishment control and payroll management
  • Office management i.e. transport, cleanliness, security, accommodation and office maintenance

In order to facilitate efficient operations and promote accountability, the Department of Human Resources and Administration (HRA) is organised into two (2) main sections which are: – Administration Section and Human Resources Section.

The details for each of the Sections are outlined below;

Administration Section

The main functions of the unit are to: –

  • Provide administrative support to Ministers’ and PSs Offices (process constitutional, fuel and other allowances)
  • Prepare Departmental work plan and budget
  • Ensure payment of grants to Statutory Bodies
  • Undertake office management functions (process electricity and telephone payments, newspapers, servicing of equipment)
  • Secretarial Services (ensure provision of office supplies and refreshments)
  • Transport Management (process petrol, oil and lubricants; service vehicles, process insurance)
  • Provide office accommodation and process rentals, and ensure security of offices
  • Facilitate participation in National Days and Events
  • Prepare unit work plan and budget

Human Resources Management Section

The unit is responsible for managing human resource management functions in order to improve service delivery. The main functions of the unit are to: –

  • Process recruitment, appointments, promotions, discipline, transfers, attachments, secondments
  • Process loans, salary advances, repatriation, terminal leave, vacation leave etc
  • Organise organizational development workshops (review of job descriptions and organizational structure)
  • Coordinate development of individual work plans
  • Coordinate staff appraisals
  • Prepare unit work plan and budget

Human Resources Development Unit

The unit is responsible for coordinating the implementation of all human resource development and capacity building programmes in order to build capacity and improve individual performance. The main functions of the unit are to: –

  • Conduct Training Needs Assessments
  • Prepare Training Plan
  • Coordinate the implementation of the Training Plan
  • Prepare unit work plan and budget
  • Prepare HRD progress report
  • Facilitate participation in National VCT Days, World Events (World AIDS Day) and other cross-cutting issues
  • Organise orientation and induction workshops and training
  • Review HIV/AIDS Wellness Work Place Policy
  • Implement HIV/AIDS Wellness Work Place Program