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Eng. Mushota Outlines Toll Fees Collection

The Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure Development Eng. CHARLES MUSHOTA says Government has collected a total of K1,901,866,000 from toll fees since the project started in 2013. Eng. MUSHOTA says in 2017 alone Government raised K667,658,000 from toll fees, recording a 98 percent achievement against a projected annual budget of K682 Million. The Permanent Secretary says this figure presents a 44 percent increase from the K464.779 Million toll fees collected in 2016. Eng. MUSHOTA has attributed the increase in toll fees collection to introduction of value proposition such as local user discount and frequent user discount aimed at promoting equity and affordability among different classes of road uses thereby encouraging toll road usage.

He also says the revision of the toll tariffs to reflect regional toll process as well as value for money and also increase in the number of inland toll points effectively increasing the toll plaza footprint across the country. And the Permanent Secretary says the annual target for 2018 is to collect K845 million in tolls which is a projected growth of about 26.5 percent from the actual toll collections of 2017. He says government is optimistic that this target will be met and surpassed as the Road Development Agency (RDA) and the National Road Fund Agency (NRFA) have very ambitious objectives to roll out additional toll plazas as well as introduce innovative and efficient means for collection of tolls within 2018.

The Permanent Secretary says Government’s long term goal is to raise a minimum of K1 billion per annum in form of road tolls. On January 8 th , Minister for Housing and Infrastructure Development Hon. RONALD CHITOTELA when he appeared on ZNBC TV1 Government Forum Television Programme announced that Government collected K530 Million from toll fees from January to September in 2017. And during the course of 2017, the Minister announced that from November 2013 to September 2016, Government collected K1.1 billion from toll fees. The National Road Tolling Program (NRTP) was launched on 1 st November, 2013 through provisions of the Tolls Act No. 14 of 2011, marking the beginning of road toll collection at gazetted Weighbridges from all Heavy Goods vehicles. For the period November 2013 to the end of December 2015, Government through the Road Development Agency (RDA), collected a total of K769. 429 million in road tolls. On 1 st September, 2015, the RDA appointed the National Road Fund Agency (NRFA) as the Lead Tolls Agent to operate all toll collections in the country. On 16th January, 2016, toll operations at the first inland toll plazas at Manyumbi (between Kabwe and Kapiri-Mposhi) and also at Kafulafuta (between Kapiri-Mposhi and Ndola) were commissioned.

These were temporary toll plazas using the basic booth and boom technology with a highly reduced start-upcost for the purpose of raising much needed revenues to support road maintenance programs. Government raised K464.779 million in tolls collected from both Ports of Entry (border points) and all inland toll stations (weighbridges and toll plazas). On 1 st January, 2017, Government issued a Statutory Instrument No. 85 of 2016, which revised toll tariffs and also introduced value propositions such as the Local User Discounts (LUDs) and Frequent User Discounts (FUDs) to improve the experience of toll payers on toll facilities, as regards to affordability and equity of road use. In May 2017, the first conventional toll plazas were commissioned by His Excellence the President of the Republic of Zambia Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, at three toll stations, namely Katuba Toll Plaza ( on T2 between Lusaka and Chisamba), at Shimabala Toll Plaza (on T2 between Lusaka and Kafue) and at Mumbwa Toll Plaza (M9 between Lusaka and Mumbwa). ENDS/ MHID

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