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Department of Housing Development

The Department is responsible for facilitating public and social housing development in order to secure housing ownership for nationals. The department also maintains the housing stock database.

The following are the functions: –

  • Formulating and reviewing National Housing Development policies and legislation to promote adequate and affordable housing
  • Facilitating the development and promotion of affordable housing for all
  • Providing and enforcing standards in the development of housing in the country
  • Facilitating the commissioning of contractors to undertake construction housing at national level
  • Facilitating, promotion and implementation of PPPs in Housing development
  • Facilitating upgrading of informal and unplanned housing settlements to improve the living environment of the poor in urban areas
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of housing programs and projects by Agencies and Organisations under the Ministry
  • Facilitating research and development in the production and use of improved local building materials and technologies

The Department has three (3) Sections:

  • Urban and Rural Housing Development
  • Social Housing and Settlement
  • Finance and Estate Management

Urban and Rural Housing Development Section

The section is responsible for facilitating housing sector in order to ensure access to quality housing for all. The functions of this section include;

  • Monitor and evaluate housing programs in order to ensure equitable access
  • Establish and maintain a national housing database
  • Conduct housing census and surveys in liaison with other government agencies
  • Co-ordinate the establishment of the National Housing Development Fund to actualize decent housing for all
  • Promote research and the use of appropriate building materials and technologies in order to enhance affordability
  • Develop and review of housing sector guidelines and standards

Social Housing and Settlements Section

The Section is responsible for providing social housing to improve the lives of the disadvantaged and people living in the informal settlements in urban areas in Zambia. The functions of the section include;

  • Coordinating with stakeholders on housing and human settlement matters
  • Facilitating improvement of the living environment in slums and informal settlements through slum upgrading
  • Promoting low-cost housing development through housing sector incentives
  • Formulate social housing programs and projects to address housing needs for the disadvantaged and low-income households
  • Document and disseminate best practices in the Housing and Human Settlements Sector for decision making

Finance and Estate Management Section

This Section is responsible for the management of housing infrastructure and facilitation of housing finance resources mobilization. The functions include;

  • Formulating and reviewing of housing policy and legislation in order to guide development in the housing sector
  • Resolution of disputes between landlords and tenants in controlled residential tenancies
  • Development and management of inventory for accredited housing developers to achieve quality control and consumer protection
  • Offering technical advice on housing estate management-related issues to other government ministries
  • Coordinating development and reviewing of housing incentives in liaison with the National Treasury and other stakeholders
  • Facilitating investment in affordable housing to promote the provision of housing / basic services through PPP and other emerging financial models